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Lemonade stand tips & tricks

Here are some useful tips and tricks to ensure the success of your Put a Squeeze on Diabetes lemonade stand. Remember, every dollar you raise helps to send kids with type 1 diabetes to D-Camps.

Choose your date & location:

  • Choose a day that forecasts promising weather to ensure maximum sales and foot traffic
  • Pick a strategic location. For example, a busy pedestrian corner will provide consistent engagement
  • If you want to set up your stand outside a retail location or strip mall, be sure to ask the landlord or store owner for permission. Respecting their property will ensure a positive experience, and might even secure a corporate donation
  • Once you pick your location, fill out our online form, so that we can promote your stand on the Put a Squeeze on Diabetes website

Prepare your lemonade & snacks:

  • When making your lemonade, we encourage you to either choose one of Diabetes Canada’s approved sugar-free lemonade recipes or a store-bought option that is sugar-free
  • Use a clear jug for your lemonade and include cut-up lemon slices or other citrus fruits to show customers your added touches
  • If you would like to offer your customers something else besides lemonade, feel free to purchase a healthy refreshing summer snack like watermelon, or seasonal fruits
  • Ensure you have a large cooler on-site that contains enough ice to keep your beverages or snacks fresh and cool for the day

Set up your lemonade stand:

  • Personalize your lemonade stand by making signage and slogans with bold colours and lettering (dark blue and light blue are Diabetes Canada’s colours)
  • Display the materials sent in your Put a Squeeze on Diabetes toolkit, as it is important to let customers know about Diabetes Canada, our D-Camps and how their donations will make an impact
  • Wear your branded Put a Squeeze on Diabetes t-shirt. You are representing Diabetes Canada and want to show your pride and commitment in your fundraising efforts
  • For donations, use a clear jar and include larger bills ($10, $20, $50) to encourage generous donations, and don't forget to submit your fundraising on-line by August 30th, 2019

Engage with your customers:

  • The way you engage with people who walk by your stand will determine if they choose to participate in your fundraiser
  • Always smile and be enthusiastic when speaking to visitors; when you look like you are having fun, others will want to join in too
  • Print out donation forms found on your Participant Centre under downloadable resources for those who request a tax receipt for a donation. This will ensure that you are prepared for any contribution someone may want to make

Examples of how to ask for donations:

  1. "Would you like to buy a glass of lemonade to help send a child with type 1 diabetes to camp this summer?"
  2. "Purchase a glass of lemonade and all funds raised will directly benefit camp kids with type 1 diabetes through Diabetes Canada."
  3. "Diabetes Canada provides kids with diabetes the opportunity to go to camp. Would you like to help make this possible?"