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D-Camps help kids be kids

For nearly 70 years, Diabetes Canada has provided children living with type 1 diabetes the opportunity to enjoy an authentic camp experience. Today, over 2,500 youth and their families per year attend our 10 D-Camps offered across 9 provinces.

D-Camps give kids a break from being different. Camp is one of the few places where everyone just “gets it” and nothing has to be explained. The kids get to meet other children who share a personal understanding of the challenges that come from living with diabetes, and many of these relationships develop into lifelong friendships.

Campers learn about diabetes management and education through an experiential approach. Within an enriching and fun environment, education happens organically through participation in traditional camp activities. When children leave camp, they have gained a new level of independence in managing their diabetes and feel empowered to continue the healthy practices they learned at camp.

Visit our D-Camps website to apply for camp and to learn more about our camp programs.