1. How do I participate in My Diabetes Fundraiser?

To get started, register at My Diabetes Fundraiser. Decide whether you'll fundraise on your own, or start or join a group fundraiser. Choose your audience: community fundraising, workplace giving, celebration events or commemorative pages. Follow the steps to finish registering.

Not sure which audience to choose? Please email fundraise@diabetes.ca

2. How can you help me fundraise?

To help make your event a success that you're proud of, we can assist with:

  • Idea generation and event planning guidance
  • Providing printable materials
  • Regional promotional support
  • Providing a letter of endorsement

We can't provide:

  • Raffle and lottery licenses
  • Expense reimbursements or funding
  • Event permits or liability insurance
  • Media advisories or press releases

1. How do I fundraise? Is there a fundraising minimum?

There is no minimum required to participate.

Once you register from your phone, tablet or computer, you'll be logged in to your Participant Centre—your hub for online fundraising. You can set up your personal and team page, copy your page link, update your goal and more. Be sure to update your page with the important details about your event or campaign.

Need assistance? Contact fundraise@diabetes.ca. We are happy to help you get started.

2. What will you do with the funds that I raise?

Funds support education, support services, advocacy and diabetes research that could lead to the next big medical breakthrough.

Here are some examples:

  • Funding the best researchers in Canada who are working hard to change the future of diabetes, to fill gaps in knowledge and ultimately find a cure.
  • Reaching out to newly diagnosed people with vital support and the most up-to-date information and tools to help manage their diabetes.
  • Enabling children with type 1 diabetes to attend D-Camps, an authentic summer camp experience where they learn to manage their diabetes while building lifelong friendships.
  • Advocating on behalf of people with diabetes.
  • Providing healthcare professionals with the latest information and advancements in diabetes research so they can offer the best care to their patients.


3. Can Diabetes Canada provide volunteers and/or representatives for my event?

A team member will connect with you to learn more. Due to scheduling, locations and resources, we are unable to guarantee or provide presence at all events.

4. Can Diabetes Canada connect our events to sponsors?

No; however, we can provide you with a letter of recognition explaining that we are aware of your event and support your efforts to secure sponsorship. Contact fundraise@diabetes.ca to find out more about our sponsor guidelines and obtain a letter for your fundraiser.

5. Can Diabetes Canada help with funding for my event?

No, we cannot provide funding or event reimbursements of any kind.

6. Can you help spread word about our events?

Yes. Use #MyDiabetesCanada and tag @DiabetesCanada, and we may repost your content on our social feed.

7. Where can I find information to help make my event successful?

Check out the My Diabetes Fundraiser Toolkit, which[DB1] features a variety of tools for planning, promoting, and executing your event.

8. How do I submit cash donations?

You can input and track your cash donations online by logging in and clicking the 'Add' button in the 'Personal Donations' widget of your participant centre.

Please note: Cash donations entered online this way will not be counted towards your fundraising achievement badges. These donations will remain 'Unconfirmed' until we receive and deposit them.

To submit your cash donations, complete the donor information requested on the Offline Donation Form [MS2] for each individual cash donation you receive. Avoid mailing cash, and send a cheque for the total amount listed on your offline donation form to:

My Diabetes Fundraiser
Diabetes Canada
1300 - 522 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M5G2R5

1. How do I make an online donation?

Great question! There are a couple of different ways. Most of the time you will receive an email with a link to the sender's fundraising page. When you click the link, you'll be redirected to their page where you'll see a donate button. Click 'Donate' and complete the form to make your donation.

You may also see a post on social media. Click the link in the post, which takes you to the My Diabetes Fundraiser page. From there, the process is the same as above.

If you do not have the link, visit our website and click 'Donate' in the top navigation. From there you can search for the fundraiser you wish to donate to.

2. When will I receive my tax receipt?

All online donors who give $15 or more will receive an electronic copy of their official tax receipt at the email address they supplied when completing their donation. Sometimes receipts end up in junk or spam folders, so be sure to check those, too. If you have trouble finding your tax receipt, contact fundraise@diabetes.ca.