Every kilometre makes a difference

Join Lace Up to End Diabetes, presented by GMS Health & Travel Insurance and do your 10k your way! You choose the activity and you set the pace. Walk, run, ride or dance your kilometres, whether it’s in two hours, two days or two weeks.

September 1- 30, 2021

Step 1:

Join the movement

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Walk, run, ride or dance your distance. Click Join when you’re ready to Lace Up and create your fundraising page.

Step 2:

Share your story

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Rally your fans by sharing why you Lace Up or who you Lace Up for with family and friends. Ask them for support and post about your progress with #LaceUp10k to be featured on our website!

Step 3:

Celebrate the change

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Tune into the livestream to watch or listen to a thank you from us. You’ll see how your fundraising makes a difference in the lives of millions of Canadians living with diabetes and prediabetes.

Are you ready to Lace Up? #LetsEndDiabetes now

It’s been 100 years since discovery of insulin the most notable Canadian medical breakthrough and a miraculous change in life expectancy for millions of people around the world. However, insulin is not a cure. It’s the starting line, not the finish line for diabetes. We can’t wait another 100 years to End Diabetes.

That’s why we are glad you’re here. Every dollar you raise through Lace Up to End Diabetes, presented by GMS helps support the millions of Canadians living diabetes or prediabetes, and helps continue the important work led by Diabetes Canada. Your #LaceUp10k supports education, services, advocacy and research that may just lead to the next big medical breakthrough.

Lace Up Top Fundraisers

Here is the leaderboard of top Lace Up fundraisers and fundraising teams across Canada:

Top Fundraisers
  1. Legacy Leaver Self-donation Kimberley Hanson - $10,000.00
  2. Legacy Leaver Self-donation Breanne Wilson-Bennett - $4,000.00
  3. Legacy Leaver Self-donation Peter Senior - $3,425.00
  4. Banting Brick Batia Stein - $2,450.00
  5. Banting Brick Self-donation Mathew Sylvestre - $1,346.11
  6. Banting Brick Self-donation Andrea Kwasnicki - $1,220.00
  7. Banting Brick Jane Yardley - $1,210.00
  8. Banting Brick Self-donation Kelly Lambkin - $1,190.00
  9. Super Star Kaitlin Rothel-Veillette - $990.00
  10. Super Star Lynelle Fender - $900.00
Top Teams
  1. Team DC - $13,241.11
  2. Friends and Benefits - $2,885.00
  3. Team Barr-Stein - $2,450.00
  4. Bad A** Mothers - $1,890.00
  5. Jane's Army - $1,495.00
  6. Team Reid - $1,315.00
  7. Live Vibrantly - $945.00
  8. Team Ella - $900.00
  9. Team Kindred Spirits - $701.11
  10. The Young at Heart - $605.00

How will you be Lacing Up?

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