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Bowl to Strike Out Stigma

We're IT!

We're IT! 


Together, we can show everyone else within Diabetes Canada who has the best team! Clearly, that is us but perhaps there are a few who don't, yet, realize that. Here's our time to shine and have a little fun doing it. 

The Details: If the team members individually raise $300 then you can join in on June 21st for a day of bowling. 


The Challenge: As team captain, and to provide a little extra incentive, I individually challenge you all to a "best ball" competition on the day. 

What is "best ball"? 

It means I'll donate $5 for each of the following accomplishments made if someone can do it before I do. 

  • First Strike
  • First 7/10 split
  • First Spare pickup
  • First Turkey (means three strikes in a row)
  • First granny bowl (through the legs) resulting in a score of 7 or higher
  • First to break 100 points
  • Average greater than 150 over all three games
And!!!!!! If anyone bowls a perfect game (this is very rare) then I'll donate $100 on top of all the rest. 
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