Welcome to Camp Huronda

Camp Dates: July 2 - August 25, 2017 (6 sessions)

Welcome to camp and thank you for supporting Diabetes Canada through your fundraising efforts! Your support will allow us to continue providing quality programs for all of our campers with type 1 diabetes. Camp is a special place where everyone just “gets it” and we are proud to be the only national provider of summer camp programs for youth with type 1.

Thank you for your interest in our new fundraising program. Whether you are fundraising to cover your camp fees or fundraising for camp in general, you are helping us continue to make Camp Huronda the special place it is.

Your fundraising minimum is based on approximately half of the true cost of sending a camper to camp so we hope you consider surpassing the minimum and reach for the stars!

So, click on Register Now and get started; we’ll see you this summer!

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Camp Huronda