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Fundraising Ideas!

Peer-to-peer fundraising is about more than just hosting a webpage and sending emails to people you know. Here are some creative ideas you can use to help you raise more money and reach your goals faster.

Work place ideas:

  1. A day or afternoon off
    This will require getting permission from Human Resources or your supervisor, but if they agree you can auction a day or afternoon off to your colleagues.
  2. Dress down Monday or Wednesday
    Again, you need to get permission for this, but hosting a dress down day on a weekday other than Friday is always a hit!
  3. Carpool
    Offer a carpooling service to colleagues who live close by and ask them to donate in lieu of chipping in for gas.
  4. Brown bag lunch day
    Ask colleagues to bring their lunch and donate the money they would have spent on lunch to your fundraising efforts.
  5. Matching Funds
    Find out if your company has a matching funds program or ask your CEO if they would be willing to match your fundraising.

Neighbourhood/community ideas:

  1. Garage sale
    Host a garage sale and donate all of the money raised to your fundraising campaign.
  2. Babysitting
    You can help out a friend or neighbour by babysitting for an evening, have them make a donation in exchange.
  3. Lawn mowing or snow removal
    If you are doing your own outdoor maintenance you could offer to do a neighbour’s yard or driveway in exchange for a donation.
  4. Car wash and barbeque
    Host a neighbourhood car wash and barbeque event on a sunny afternoon. Have a set price for barbecue items and wash cars in exchange for donations.
  5. Dog walking/pet sitting
    These services are always in demand, offer them in exchange for donations to your campaign.

Other ideas:

  1. Change jars
    Keep these around the house, in your office/place of work or at local businesses. Small change adds up quickly.
  2. Themed meal
    Spaghetti dinners are easy and very profitable. Add in a silent auction with items donated from local businesses to boost your fundraising a little more.
  3. Bake or book sale
    You can host a bake and/or book sale at your workplace, church or community centre. Ask family and friends to help with the baking or by donating gently used books.
  4. Craft sales
    If you are the crafty type, you can sell your creations as a fundraiser. Anything from knitting, crocheting, door wreaths, centrepieces or even Christmas tree ornaments!
  5. Gift wrap during the holidays
    Ask if you can set up a table at your local mall, favourite store, church basement or community centre. You could even offer up services to your neighbours, co-workers and family and do it out of your own home.
  6. Themed dance party
    Get fun and creative while hosting your own sock hop or totally radical ‘80s themed night! You could also do a ‘70s disco, country line dance or maybe incorporate all eras/trends and have people come dressed in their favourite and play a variety of music to include all.
  7. Hand written letter or card
    So much of what we do in today’s world is digital. Try writing a personal letter or card to family and friends to ask for their support.
  8. Host a direct sales party
    Contact a local Tupperware, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Stella & Dot or any other direct sales consultant and host a fundraising party!

To download these ideas, click here.